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Haste Arcade, the world’s first Haste Leaderboard Payout gaming platform.

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How does HLP gaming work?

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What exactly is an HLP Arcade?

Brought to life by Haste’s creators, Haste Arcade is a developer SDK and player site with HLP Games.  HLP gaming, or Haste Leaderboard Payout, is what makes our games a world’s first.  Games built using our patent-pending HLP gaming technology enable players globally to earn real-time rewards for simply placing on a game's leaderboard. Everyone plays. And a whole lotta folks… get paid.

Coins in... Coins out.

Imagine going to your local arcade, inserting 25 cents into the gaming console, posting a high score on the Pac-Man leaderboard, and then getting paid 2.5 cents every time subsequent players play the game but fail to beat your score. Now consider holding a top score in a global online arcade where millions of daily players are playing the game but failing to beat your score, and earning 2.5 cents per play. This is a “game changer”. This is Haste Arcade.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I make real money from playing?
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Absolutely, it's what makes HLP gaming so special! It gives casual gamers a way to earn for their skills. Earnings can be cashed out at any time directly from your wallet into gift cards that can be used anywhere.

Does this platform have NFTs?
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Yes. Say hello to Player Cards, the world's first Bitcoin Output NFTWe also plan to release a variety of NFT related products and services.

How can I start building my own game?
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Glad you asked. Head over to the Developer section to learn more. You'll be earning in no time!

Can I make money without a wallet?
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No, Haste Arcade handles that for you. Just sign up and start playing!

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